Implanting Knowledge, Integrating Skills​.

Clinicians Implant Academy provides clinicians with personalized, advanced dental implant education through lecture, videos, and hands-on experience to augment knowledge and skills.

Clinicians Implant Academy provides clinicians with personalized, advanced dental implant education through lecture, videos, and hands-on experience to augment knowledge and skills.


Implanting Knowledge, Integrating Skills

Clinicians Implant Academy offers an array of courses structured to augment the knowledge base and skill level of experienced implant clinicians. Our faculty have decades of collective experience in advanced dental implant techniques and education.

Personalized Training

We offer instruction on advanced implant treatment planning, bone grafting to prepare for implant placement, and advanced dental implant surgery to complement various experience levels.

Industry Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships with the leaders in the dental implant industry give our clients exposure to the latest developments and products available.

Hands-on Learning

Our courses aren’t limited to the lecture hall. We utilize live surgery, hands-on models, and cadaver models to put you at the center of the surgical experience.


Elevate Your Practice

Our dental implant courses are designed to improve your practice to help you better serve your patients. We help you strengthen your understanding of patient anatomy, master practical skills, and stay current with cutting-edge dental implant technology and tools.

Patient Care

Gain the ability to consistently meet patient expectations.


Attain a better understanding of patient anatomy.

New Skills

Master hands-on, practical skills to apply in your practice.

Latest Tools

Get up to speed on advanced implant technology.

Clinicians Implant Academy training benefits, including patient care, education, new skills, and atest


Clinicians Implant Academy
Course Catalog

We offer four course levels to bring experienced clinicians to the highest level of implant proficiency.


Training from Industry Leaders

Clinicians Implant Academy is led by Dr. Kapitan, Founder and Clinical Director of the Clinicians Implant Academy and a national lecturer and clinical course instructor in advanced dental implant surgery for the Straumann Group and ZimVie Institute.

Our team is comprised of industry experts to equip your practice with the training to succeed from both a clinical and operational standpoint.

Dr. Rick Kapitan

Dr. Rick Kapitan

Founder & Surgical Director

Dr. Hunter Dawson

Dr. Hunter Dawson

Restorative Director

Whitney Kapitan

Whitney Kapitan

Director of Practice Management

Mikki Weaver

Mikki Weaver

Director of Patient Care Experience

Dr. Brandon Kofford

Dr. Brandon Kofford

Restorative Faculty

Dr. James M. Piper II

Dr. James M. Piper II

Restorative Faculty

Dr. Tripp Cockerham

Dr. Tripp Cockerham

Periodontal Faculty



Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Clinicians Implant Academy provide dental implant training for?

We provide training for experienced implant clinicians to augment their knowledge base and skill level. We offer three different training levels, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced, to educate clinicians with varying levels of dental implant proficiency.

Where are the training sessions conducted?

Clinicians Implant Academy trainings are held at an Atrium Health Facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

How can I book a training with Clinicians Implant Academy?
Browse our course catalogue to view and book upcoming courses.
How much does the training cost?

The Basic (Level 1) course cost is $2,000; Intermediate (Level 2) course cost is $3,000; and Advanced  (Level 3) course cost is $3,500, per student.

For additional information regarding cost, please feel free to contact us.


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